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  • September 10, 2018
  • ICO

Cryptocurrency can be a cruel mistress and knowing when to get in and out of the market can be the difference between getting rekt or rich. That’s why we’re delighted to team up with Anant – lead trader from the Warsnop Telegram Group who has had huge success in spite of the recent bear market.
Warsnop technical analysis

Technical Analysis Signals

We’ve been following him for over 6 months and his results have been solid. Clearly, nobody is going to win every trade, but as an astute trader he knows how to manage trades to give himself a statistical edge. Over time the profits accumulate and compound.

His signals provide his analysis of the chart, buy entry levels, stop losses, and trailing profit zones. Most of the tokens he discusses are on Binance.

As a partner of ICOWhitelists Anant will be providing signals and analysis on many of our Post-ICO Gems. We’ll also be providing some of his signals via our Twitter and mailing lists.

Solid Results

Warsnop’s results are very solid. Take a look at recent snapshots from his group.

warsnop technical analysis

warsnop technical analysis telegram


The group is split in two parts: Free and Premium. His free group is very useful and people can find a lot of signals there.

His Premium Member Group are where most of the signals are though. As a paid member you get an increased number of signals, one-to-one conversation if needed, and access to his learning channels.

The price structure is:
– 320$ for one year.

– 200$ for 6 months.

– 120$ for three months.

As a reader of ICOWhitelists you can get a 20% off his paid membership packages. All you have to do is get in touch with him via Telegram (@warsnop) and mention ICOWhitelists.


Additional Tools

For anyone interested in joining the group and following signals we highly recommend using 3comma’s trading bot. The bot effectively allows people to set stop losses and sell orders simultaneously. Binance does not allow users to do this manually which can often lead in missed profits.



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