Snovio: Decentralized Lead Generation Platform

What is Snovio?

Snovio describes itself the “world’s first decentralized lead generation platform”.

Essentially, they’re a marketplace for data in lead generation. You might say they operate in the same space as Datum. Here’s an overview of how it works in practice:

Snovio's decentralized lead generation platform

Snovio’s decentralized lead generation platform

It’s worth noting that Snovio already has a lead generation product in the market. As such, they’re slightly different from the more “grandiose visions in a whitepaper” ICOs that we see a lot of these days. Some of the companies they list as customers today include: Lego, Uber, Oracle, Ubisoft, and Soundcloud.

Who’s behind Snovio?

As Snovio is an company with paying customers today, they have a reasonably sized team; 13 people listed on their site, ranging from engineers to marketing specialists. They’re based in Ukraine, but they clearly have a global customer base. CEO and Founder, Alexis Kratko doesn’t list seem to have a Linkedin profile, so it’s hard to comment on his track record other than having taken Snovio to where it is today. Except for Facebook (nearly 40k likes/followers), they have a relatively weak presence on social media. Let’s see if the hype picks up before their ICO!

How can I purchase Snovio tokens?

Their ICO starts October 31st, and they have a relatively low hard cap at $15,000,000 – compared to many other ICOs these days. You can also apply for joining their whitelist.


We can conclude in the form of a quick SWOT:


  1. Already existing product and user base
  2. Low hard cap, which could mean large upside
  3. Product and business model makes sense


  1. The team might be strong, but they don’t have terribly impressive backgrounds compared to many other ICOs; same for their advisors
  2. Relatively weak presence on social media (Telegram, Twitter, …) – Facebook is the exception
  3. Typos and poor English on website – doesn’t give a good first impression


  1. Large market: Lead generation market estimated at $30 billion


  1. Increased privacy regulations in Europe in 2018 (GDPR) might make data collection more difficult
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