Simple Token: Platform for Consumer App Tokenization

What is Simple Token?

Simple Token is a platform for issuing white labelled tokens for any digital business or community. In brief, they’re making it easier for people to create their own tokens on an Ethereum side chain.

Interestingly, Simple Token doesn’t only offer a platform to launch the token sale. They have a complete suite of tools to help communities and businesses manage their token economies. This includes token design, identity, wallet, transactions, ledger, rights management, and administration.

Simple Token ICO

Simple Token ICO

Who’s behind Simple Token?

Some of the key people in the team are CEO Jason Goldberg, CTO Nishith Shah, and Chief Technology Strategist Ben Bollen. Goldberg and Shah have founded multiple internet companies together, including Pepo,, and The fact that the two have co-founded multiple companies together already is testament to the two working well together. Ben Bollen is their blockchain alibi, with experience as lead developer for Hyperledger. The team seems to be located primarily in Berlin, which is a hotspot in Europe for startups.

What about the ICO?

At the time of writing, Simple Token is running a pre-sale. Their FAQ reveals the details for this pre-sale:

We are currently in “private pre-sale” to accredited purchasers from allowed countries with a $200,000 minimum purchase. Pre-sale purchasers are receiving bonus tokens from 20% (for under $1M) to up to 50% based on the size of their purchases. Pre-sale purchasers are buying in now, and we plan to sell 50% of the $40M token sale via pre-sale. If you qualify for the pre-sale and want to participate, you can reach our team at [email protected].

The ICO itself has a cap of $20M, and starts November 14th. For info, visit the Simple Token ICO page here.

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