Ripio Credit Network: P2P Lending in Emerging Markets

UPDATE: Ripio’s whitelist details was announced October 13th. If you’ve followed instructions from our mailing list, you should have received an email directly from them to sign up.

What is Ripio Credit Network?

Ripio Credit Network is an upcoming ICO addressing a huge market: peer-to-peer lending.

In their own words, they’re:

a global credit network based on cosigned smart contracts and blockchain technology that connects lenders and borrowers located anywhere in the world and on any currency.

One of the stats that really shows the potential of the market Ripio will aim to address first, Latin America, is that 65% of the population there is unbanked. That is, they do not have a bank account. Consider the expected growth we’ll see in smartphone users in Latin America, and you’re looking at a very interesting market opportunity for Ripio.

How will Ripio Credit Network structure their ICO?

Most details on Ripio Credit Network’s ICO are yet to be announced.

However, we’ve pulled out the key details on their token sale (aka Token Generation Event – TGE) from their whitepaper:

  • 51% of the RCN Tokens will be made available for sale
  • Sale starts October 17th, 2017 [note: this has been updated to October 24th]
  • Total RCN token supply of 1 billion as follows:
    • 51% of RCN Tokens made available for sale in connection with the TGE will be allocated as follows:
      • Up to 42.5% / 425,000,000 RCN Tokens may be sold to purchasers before the TGE. Any remaining unsold Tokens will be reallocated and made available to the public via crowd sale at the time of the TGE.
      • A minimum of 8.5% / 85,000,000 RCN Tokens will be made available to the general public via crowd sale, beginning at the TGE on October 17th, 2017 and lasting until the earlier of either the date 510,000,000 RCN tokens have been sold, or November 5th, 2017.
      • 15% / 150,000,000 RCN Tokens will be kept as a pool to incentivise the participation of agents and for otherwise bootstrapping the network.
      • 34% / 340,000,000 RCN Tokens will be held as a provision for partnerships, marketing, and future RCN expenses.
Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Token Allocation

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Token Allocation

What are people saying about Ripio Credit Network?

Here you can see what people said when we asked which of 4 ICOs they’re most bull on:

As you can see, our little Twitter poll seems to indicate that we’ll have some bulls going in on Ripio Credit Network’s ICO.

What do you think about Ripio Credit Network?

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