Refereum ICO: Connecting game developers and influencers

Currently in second place on our Telegram Tracker, Refereum ICO aims to democratize the games industry by rewarding people rather than companies.

ICO date: Feb 8th. Pre-sale: Contact Refereum for info. Token sale: 50%. Team: 20%. Platform reserves: 20%. Growth incentives: 10%. Hard cap: $25m

Refereum ICO

So, what’s the deal?

The company aims to enable higher profits for developers and removing the ‘marketing middleman’. They want to directly reward influencers and gamers to promote and play games.

Refereum ICO

They claim that gamers can earn money – even a living – off playing video games. This could be anything from completing a tutorial to winning a competitive global e-sports tournament.

Over 70,000 streamers and gamers currently use today, which is described by Refereum as ‘the simplest, fastest, and most secure way to market games and to buy or sell games on the blockchain’.

Who’s behind Refereum?

Refereum ICO

Founder Dylan Jones has helped design ‘some of the highest-grossing Facebook and mobile titles of all time’. He is also a founder of game co-working space Gamenest.

With him on the team is Chief Technical game industry veteran Alistair Doulin, Business Development Sloane Earl, and Tools Developer Nick Klingsmith.

Additionally, they are joined by Web Developer Brad Johnson, Engine Developer Mark Maratea and Katie Williams in Communications.

The team has worked everywhere from Zynga to Google.

Why is this on the blockchain?

The company believes that traditional influencer marketing is vulnerable to fraud.

You can avoid this on the blockchain by using token micropayments, whether it’s for friends or followers.

“With Refereum, now developers only have to pay for traffic if they beat the tutorial or whatever they come up with,” says Jones.

“That kind of control allows game developers to keep spending because they know that they have money coming in. In addition, that keeps their money in the game’s ecosystem.”

How do you get involved?

Refereum ICO

The Refereum ICO starts on February 8th. You can join their whitelist here.

Our verdict

With the ever-growing gaming industry and extensive industry experience from the team, we rate Refereum as a Solid ICO.

To keep updated with the performance of Refereum and other ICOs, check out our Telegram Tracker.

Read more about our ICO rating system here.

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  1. Ujwal Pandit says:

    You really have great team behind Refereum program. I really am wanted to be part of this program. and Block chain is the best way to utilize this kind of man power.

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