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This is the second post in our “Post-ICO Gems” series. Buying tokens during an ICO is not always possible or even advisable. Other times ICOs fail to build sufficient hype leading to missed hard cap targets, or else launch during bear markets. This is where it gets interesting for us. If identified correctly, great value can be found on exchanges afterwards. In this series we pick projects providing great value for potential buyers Post-ICO. Our selection today is Dadi, a decentralised cloud platform with a suite of web services.


DADI is a global, decentralized cloud platform with a suite of web services to help build, launch and grow digital products. Think Amazon Web Services and WordPress combined.


An Anti-Climatic Trading Launch

DADI’s ICO went off smoothly and very successfully. In the lead up to their crowdsale popular reviewers like TheGobOne and our man Ian Ballina were generous with their appraisals. They reached their hardcap target of $29m within an hour. Impressed investors rubbed their hands with glee of what they expected to come.

What has come since then in terms of their token value is somewhat underwhelming. The price of DADI now finds itself -33% in terms of ETH and -67% in terms of USD (against their ICO price).


What Happened?

This happened.

Cryptocurrency market crash Dadi token

As we’re more than painfully aware the crypto market has been in a bear market for several months. Unfortunately for DADI the crucial time inbetween their ICO completion and their token trading launch the global crypto market lost an eye-watering value of $190,000,000,000, or 33%. More or less the equivalent of throwing a wet blanket over the ICO hype. The market hasn’t recovered since.


The Case for Value

The price might not reflect it but DADI have a lot of things going for them at the moment. 

    1. An Active Working Business

They provide services for around 200 existing clients and generate around $200,000 per month. In the midst of ‘whitepaper ICOs’ this is pretty impressive. They won’t be stopping there either:

Our existing customers are in the UK, but several have a large international presence. Looking forward we expect a wide spread of customers. Our efforts will focus on North America and the UK first, but will quickly broaden to take in the rest of the world. – Joseph Denne, CEO

The clincher for lots of potential customers will be that DADI estimate that their hosting will be 60% less the cost of an equivalent Amazon Web Services solution. 

They’re beginning to pick up steam signing meaningful partnerships. Recently they’ve linked up with INDX, a masternode investment vehicle and also Agorai, a marketplace for AI tools.

Their Github is very active. DADI API alone has 1,820 commits, Web has 2,071, CDN has 1,236. Other than this their website hosts more than 50+ ‘how to’ articles on their site. Not bad at all.

    1. A Large and Competent Team

Their team boasts 18 full-time members. Not only this but they’re littered with relevant and substantial experience in global institutes and tech companies such as Leo Burnett, BBC, Renault, Airlock, Nike etc.

    1. Upcoming Milestones

Their mainnet launch is 2-3 weeks away and they’ll be onboarding masternodes.


Impending Mainnet Launch & Masternode Onboarding

DADI network masternode mainnet roadmap ICO whitelists

Here’s some of what we know about their masternodes. You can read the full details here. 

• Nodes will operate on a three tier system. Stargates, Gateways and Hosts.
• Nodes will be onboarded in a controlled manner from July.
• Consumers will be individually onboarded to the platform from July.
• Revenues per DADI Host are modelled at up to 10% of PoS (more for Gateways and Stargates).

dadi masternode system icowhitelists

Stargate Gateway Host masternodes co whitelists

At current prices a host masternode can be bought for about $682 while a gateway could be bought for $6823

Our Verdict

We rate DADI as a Post-ICO Gem. At a current marketcap of only $11m we believe the DADI token is criminally undervalued. With a steady revenue stream, an impressive team, continually met deadlines, upcoming mainnet launch and masternode staking we believe DADI has a bright future.

To stay up to date with DADI you can visit their website.

Note: This article, nor any of the content found on this website, should be considered investment advice. Always do your own research.

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