3 Upcoming NEO ICOs for Early 2018 (and why some are switching from Ethereum)

Many people have high expectations for the NEO ecosystem in 2018 – particularly NEO ICOs. Whilst the Ethereum blockchain is busy responding to current needs, NEO aims to provide the answer for the future.

Some of which have even started out on Ethereum, and are moving over to NEO ICOs for various reasons. Bold move? Let’s take a look.

1. Narrative

ICO: Feb 13th
Private pre-sale: Ongoing (ends Feb 9th)
Hard cap: 166,667 NEO (approx. $25m today)

Narrative ICO

First up is Narrative – a content economy which is one of the ICOs to switch blockchains recently, from Ethereum to NEO.

In a post on the switch, founder Ted O’Neill explained that when they started Narrative, Ethereum was ‘the King Kong of blockchain development platforms’.

He added that they have ‘witnessed some growing pains of Ethereum- transaction bottlenecks, high transaction fees, and muddied enhancement plans’.

Impressed by the capabilities of NEO, Narrative decided to make the move. A few days later, PikcioChain announced a similar move from Ethereum to NEO.

But what exactly do they do?

Narrative prides itself on rewarding content creators, moderators and ‘everyone who positively influences the quality of content’.

It allows users and brands to tell stories in its social network – and describes itself as a ‘mashup between Medium, Instagram and Twitter, but with more focused subject-matter’.

Additionally, 85% of all revenue will be distributed to users.

Behind Narrative are co-founders of Social Strata, Ted and Rosemary O’Neill, software engineer and architect Brian Lenz, and innovator, entrepreneur and educator Michael Farris.

You can register for the token sale here.

2. Thor Token

Pre-sale: TBA
Hard cap: TBA

Thor Token ICO

Next up in the NEO ICOs lineup is THOR, which provides blockchain-powered gig economy solutions for contractors.

THOR solutions aim to offer instant pay after a job is completed, a network consisting of employers and candidates, and benefits including earning interest using Thor 401(k).

With Thor’s retirement savings account, users can earn an interest and grow their portfolios.

Led by CEO David Chin, CTO Matt Moravec and CMO Matthew Lawler, with experience from Volvo, Optimizely and Dubai Silicon Oasis, we’ve yet to discover the ins and outs of the final details.

They aim to release their whitepaper here very soon.

3. Nex

Pre-sale: No
Hard cap: $25m


Lastly, NEO ICO NEX is a decentralized exchange, such as Airswap and Kyber Network, for cryptographic trade and payment service creation.

Combining an off-chain matching engine with NEO, NEX aims to provide faster and more complex trades.

With exceptionally high trade volumes, NEX also handles order types, including market and limit orders, that are not yet available on other decentralized exchanges.

Its five co-founders are all developers: Fabio C. Canesin, Fabian Wahle, Ethan Fast, Luciano Engel and Thomas Saunders. Their background ranges from designing for Fortune 500 companies, co-founding CoZ, creating NEON Wallet and designing for Alexa 500 websites.

They recently announced that there is no whitelist.

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  1. Chris says:

    Is the NEO platform threatened by Ontology? I am new to this technology but I was surprised that the Neo people were starting a new blockchain.

    • Celia says:

      don’t think so, they are partnering – ONT airdrops to NEO holders

    • thomas says:

      the Neo platform and Ontology platform are owned both owned by OnChain, they will be working together

    • The KiD says:

      Onchain, NEO, and Ontology work in a synergestic manner. They compliment each other and work in tandem, they are not competitors. Onchain was founded by CEO Da HongFei and CTO Erik Zhang, these are the same guys responsible for NEO and Ontology.

  2. GoodKing says:

    Gagapay.Network need to be here

  3. Reto says:

    Yes i am voting for Gagapay.Network

  4. Kas says:

    Gagapay.Netwotk for me

  5. Eduardo says:

    So many new projects coming out on NEO lately. Looking forward to Zeepin, Gagapay Network and NEX ofcourse.

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