Mainframe ICO: A messaging platform for businesses

Mainframe is building a censorship-resistant messaging platform for businesses, which aims to facilitate highly secure communication.

Mainframe ICO

The founder, Mick Hagen, has explained that Mainframe is not a project, it is ‘a movement’. He aims to create an internet which places privacy and freedom at the very top of the pyramid.

The company believes that users ‘should have access to and control of your own data online’, and that ‘the tools you use should empower you to reveal and share only what you choose’.

How does it work?

Its five principles is built on encryption (content can’t be opened), dark routing (content can’t be followed), incentivization (the network can’t die), peer-to-peer architecture (the network can’t be shut down) and interoperability (it works everywhere).

They have already built Onyx – the first application on the Mainframe network, which is a fully decentralized workplace messaging tool.

This was launched at Devcon3 in November 2017.

Mainframe ICO

What is the utility of the token?

In a bid to keep the network running, Mainframe wants to incentivize and reward Mainframe Nodes. These nodes will be rewarded with the MFT tokens – which are intended to be used solely for the services provided by the network.

The company is incredibly conscious of favouring people who will be using the network, which means the private pre-sale will be available to a selected few.

For the participants in the pre-sale, a third of the tokens will be distributed straight away, and the remainder will be released in drips over 11 months. This is to ensure that the people in the pre-sale are in it for the long run.

Who is behind Mainframe?

Mainframe ICO

The team behind Mainframe has been in the crypto world for quite some time. It consists of 12 full-time staff, in addition to an impressive range of investors.

CEO and Founder Mick Hagen was a Princeton CS dropout who started up the company Zinch.

With him on the team is CTO Carl Youngblood who has been a full stack engineer for over twenty years. He has been involved in blockchain tech since 2010.

Business Development & Sales, Brad Hagen, and Co-Founder of Zinch, is an experienced entrepreneur specializing in growing early stage companies.

They are joined by a range of developers, engineers and designers, in addition to the creator of the film Life in Bitcoin, Austin Craig.

For more information about the upcoming ICO, click here.

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