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This is the first post in our “Post-ICO Gems” series. Buying tokens during an ICO is not always possible or even advisable. Other times ICOs fail to build sufficient hype leading to missed hard cap targets. This is where it gets interesting for us. If identified correctly, great value can be found on exchanges afterwards. In this series we pick projects providing great value for potential buyers Post-ICO. Our selection today is Origami Network, a decentralised marketplace solution.

Origami Network

An Underwhelming Token Sale

ICO investors would have been forgiven for feeling increasingly nervous as Origami’s token sale drew to a close. Despite a very modest hard cap of around $4m their sale grew to a close after raising only 439 ETH. Significantly, the remaining tokens were burnt.

This may have sent alarm bells ringing that perhaps the project wasn’t up to much. Sometimes, however, the market can react hysterically or ignorantly despite solid fundamentals. For shrewd investors an opportunity has shown itself.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get” – Warren Buffett

What They Do

Origami Network is a protocol for building decentralised marketplaces. Think AirBnb and Amazon. They offer three decentralised solutions under this umbrella including: marketplaces, payment escrow and reviews.

Origami Network ICO WhiteLists POST ICOToken Uses & Benefit

The Origami Network token (ORI) will be the first usable ERC20 token on our payment platform and the only form of payment where the fee of 0.8% to 1% does not apply. The ORI tokens will have multiple uses on their platform.

  • Through Origami Payment, the ORI tokens will be a payment method (without fees).
  • Through Origami Review it is part of the reward system. The customer is rewarded with ORI when their review is validated.
  • Through Origami Network, it will allow ORI holders to be a part of the project, by getting voting rights on next features.

*No more Ori will be minted meaning tokens are scarce and the price of tokens will increase with the demand for Origami Network’s services.

A Case for Value

We believe the reasons for the underwhelming crowdsale are twofold: bear market conditions and low level of hype due to poor marketing efforts. Despite this we believe the project offers value for investors for several reasons.


Despite the underwhelming ICO investors clearly caught wind of Origami’s value after the fact. After listing on DEXs, ORI surged to an all-time high of 12X in ETH value. Currently, ORI’s value is around 6x their pre-ICO price.

Working Product

Origami Network already has four clients using their technology.

Comment Se Ruiner

Marketplace selling original gifts
Launched in 2015
More than 300K monthly visitors

Cute land

Marketplace selling cute and trendy products
Launched in 2015
More than 100K monthly visitors

Lapin Blanc

Marketplace selling hand crafted products
Launched in 2017
More than 5000 sellers
More than 100K monthly visitors

Minis Moi

Marketplace selling products for babies and young children.
Launched in 2018
More than 50 sellers

Two other clients are launching imminently.

Backed by Two French Banks

Since 2017 two French banks are backing Origami. CIC is the sixth largest French bank. BPI is an investment bank.

Token Metrics

In the Crypto world almost all numbers relating to tokens are astronomical. Not here. Having not met their hard cap during ICO there are two key consequences for potential investors.

  • Their market cap is tiny in comparison to others. Only $2.8m
  • Their circulating supply is tiny. 4.2m ORI

CoinMarketCap Origami Network ICOWhitelists

This means scarcity of tokens and plenty of room for marketcap growth.

The Hype Machine

Hype for Origami Network is heating up. We’ve been tracking their telegram numbers which have trebled in the last week. 

When Exchange?

Origami Network is still trading on DEX’s and as such is yet to enjoy the benefits of decent volume, liquidity and reputation. An exchange listing in the future may be an event of significant value for investors.

Our Verdict

We rate Origami Network as a Post-ICO Gem. A variety of factors, including solid fundamentals and great token metrics make this an under the radar project with substantial value. Their team is committed to producing a working product with real world benefits. Certainly, this seems like a project with a future.

To stay up to date with Origami Network, you can visit their website.

Note: No payment was made by this ICO for this article. We always label our sponsored content clearly at the top of the article. This article, nor any of the content found on this website, should be considered investment advice. Always do your own research.


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