ICO: A solution to online ‘data hoarding’ whitelist: Feb 8th (KYC required). ICO sale: Feb 21st. Token symbol: DOCK. Token sale: 30%. Hard cap: $20M USD

What is the ICO? ICO

As a decentralized data exchange protocol, ICO aims to provide a solution to so-called ‘data hoarding’ in a professional environment on the web.

The protocol lets people connect their online profiles, experiences, reviews and reputations in a secure environment.

Tapping into the issue of an incredibly large amount of data being stored for individuals online, aims to integrate user profiles from different networks.

Why is on the blockchain?

A lot of sensitive information is stored and owned by centralized platforms, and the user is not in control over who their information is being shared with.

According to the whitepaper, “applications are disincentivized from sharing information and data because of the competitive marketplace and their reliance on data monetization for business purposes”.

As a decentralised protocol, encourages data exchanges between platforms, as it believes this beneficial for the majority of the public.

Who is behind the ICO?

The team consists of co-founders Nick Macaria and Elina Cadouri – previous founders of Branded and Outsource.

The rest of the team includes Stenli Duka, Evgeniy Zabolotniy, Todd Scheuring, Jeffry Harrison, Gabriel Moncarz and Fausto Woelflin. Their backgrounds are from companies including MotiveMetrics, HoneyBook, The Muse, Sabre Corp and Ampush.

Who are their partners?

At the end of January, the company said that over 3,000 users had been signing up to their app.

As a result of their success, they chose t0 partner with FundRequest – a decentralised marketplace for open source collaborations. Many of their employers now sit on the advisory board – in addition to founding member at Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem.

How are they doing on our Telegram Tracker?

On February 2nd, were leading our Telegram Tracker: are currently fourth on our Telegram Tracker, close behind Omnitude, followed by Ceek and Friendz ICO.

What utility does the DOCK token have?

The utility of the DOCK token is primarily for data transactions. The whitepaper adds that “beyond the token being used as a means of exchange within the contract system, it is also possible for token holders to vote in a regular poll on what next features should be developed for the contract system”.

Our verdict

Based on our ICO Ratings, we rate as a Solid ICO. The team has a proven track record within this space, as well as access to both industry and blockchain expertise. Their solution fundamentally makes sense to have on the blockchain with its need for transparency and incentive system, and the market they address is substantial.

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