Datum: Decentralized Marketplace for Data

What is Datum?

Datum is aiming to create a decentralized marketplace for data. Their idea is to turn data into tradeable commodities so that users can benefit from sharing their data, and companies can get access to data for a fee. Datum is particularly relevant with the GDPR regulations that will be introduced in the EU in 2018 – this is the most most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. Giving European users control over their own data will be critical, and Datum might be one way to handle the GDPR regulations.

Datum's marketplace for data in action

Datum’s marketplace for data in action

Who’s behind Datum?

There are three co-founders behind Datum: Roger Haenni, Gebhard Scherrer, and VC Tran. With them they have a team of at least 8 people – ranging from engineers to community managers. The team is distributed across Switzerland, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Interestingly, they only list one single advisor: Daniel Saito, who is Managing Director for MySQL in Asia.

What online presence do they have?

Datum has a relatively strong online presence.

At the time of writing they have:

  • 12k followers on Twitter
  • 27k likes on Facebook
  • 1.3k Medium followers
  • 3.7k members in their Telegram group

The ICO Alert podcast (episode 12) also featured Datum earlier this year.

What are the details of their ICO?

Datum’s ICO starts October 29th. They have a whitelist that you can join on their website.

Here are the details that we pulled out of their whitepaper:

Role​ ​of​ ​Token: Enable trade of data between data owners and buyers
Symbol: DAT
Supply: 3,000,000,000
For​ ​Sale: 1,530,000,000
Emission​ ​Rate: No new tokens will be created
Price: 10’000 DAT per 1 ETH
Sale​ ​Period: 29/10/2017 13:00 UTC to 29/11/2017 13:00 UTC
Accepted​ ​Currencies: ETH
Token​ ​distribution​ ​date: 4th December to 11th December 2017
Minimum​ ​goal: 5000 ETH
Maximum​ ​goal: 153000 ETH

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