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  • December 4, 2017
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Note to our readers: Alex Svanevik, editor of ICO Whitelists is on the Advisor team of CoinFi. As with all ICOs, always do your own research, and invest only if you believe in the project. ICO Whitelists never gives investment advice.

*** Update: CoinFi have cancelled their ICO due to overwhelming demand in their private pre-sale. The $15m hard cap was reached before starting the public token sale. ***

What is CoinFi?

Anyone who has been an active trader in crypto will agree that the noise-to-signal ratio for crypto is extremely high. Crypto is an immature field where information is often either overwhelming or lacking altogether. The explosion of ICOs in 2017 has made the crypto field even more unmanageable with many new tokens being launched on exchanges every single day.

CoinFi is a market intelligence platform for crypto traders that addresses this exact problem. The CoinFi platform offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news.

CoinFi ICO

CoinFi ICO

To get a better understanding of the specifics of how you can leverage CoinFi as a trader, have a look at one of their videos:

Who’s behind CoinFi?

CoinFi’s core team consists of Timothy Tam, Han Chang, and Nate Tsang. Timothy Tam has 10+ years experience from equities trading and hedge funds, including Goldman Sachs. Han Chang is an early bitcoin investor who founded a Chinese bitcoin exchange. He has 8+ years of experience serving web applications to 10M+ users, and has worked at OkCupidLabs, MIT Lincoln Labs, and Lime Brokerage. Nate has 7+ years of experience as growth hacker for media startups, and has cumulatively grown sites from zero to 10M+ page views. Furthermore, he has co-founded a keyword intelligence platform which was acquired in 2016.

The advisor team consists of 6 advisors with long experience from finance, tech, and marketing. Deven Soni is General Partner at Wired Investors, and has advised successful ICOs such as Chronologic and Polymath. Erika Evasdottir is a Harvard Graduate with 12+ years of legal experience from the finance industry. Bernard Huang is Distribution Hacker at 500 Startups. Julia Kastner is at Two Sigma, a $51B investment firm. Tommy Griffith is Founder at Clickminded, and has previously been SEO Manager at PayPal and Airbnb. Finally, as noted in the introduction, Alex Svanevik, editor of ICO Whitelists is also on the Advisor team of CoinFi. Alex has many years experience from data science and technology consulting from companies such as Schibsted Media Group and BearingPoint.

What utility does the COFI token have?

The COFI token has 3 main utility functions. Specifically, it:

  1. gives access to premium features and content through staking
  2. acts as a unit of value in auctions for exclusive content
  3. serves as compensation for content contributions by the community

How can I buy the COFI token?

Edit: CoinFi’s pre-sale date has been changed to January 15th. Please check the CoinFi website for the latest details.

You can join CoinFi’s whitelist to get access to their pre-sale here. The pre-sale begins December 15th, while their main sale starts January 18th. The ICO has a total hard cap of $15M.

There’s also a bonus structure on the ICO, as follows:

CoinFi ICO

CoinFi ICO

Our Verdict

CoinFi addresses a problem space that is likely to have a massive influx of users – namely from institutional investors entering crypto. They also have a modest hard cap of $15m on 50% of the tokens, which means the upside is big. There’s no existing “Bloomberg for crypto”, and with a team that has a proven track record in building and growing successful businesses, we land on a Solid ICO rating for CoinFi.

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