Cobinhood: Zero Trading Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange

Update: Cobinhood’s ICO closed on October 22nd.

What is Cobinhood?

Cobinhood is the world’s first “Zero Trading Fees” cryptocurrency exchange aiming to maximize traders’ profits. Traders can benefit from zero trading fees for spot trading, with margin trading for up to 10x leverage.

The idea is to store the vast majority of the crypto asset deposits in an offline multisig vault, which requires 5 out of 8 geo-distributed hardware security modules to open. Furthermore, crypto assets stored in online wallets will be backed by insurance.

Cobinhood’s proprietary order matching engine can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency. The whole system is designed to be fully distributed, highly-available, and auto-scalable. This enables a true real-time trading experience for traders around the globe.

Zero Trading Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange

Zero Trading Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange

Who’s behind Cobinhood?

CEO and founder is Popo Chen, a 26-year old serial entrepreneur. Most notably, Chen founded 17 Live Streaming, a live streaming platform with more than 5M users across Asia. Their CTO is Pu-Chen Mao, who has experience mainly from network protocols, low-latency networks, and multimedia streaming technologies.

Interestingly, Tony Scott is their Chief Strategy Advisor. Tony Scott was previously US Federal Chief Information Officer, and before that was CIO at VMware, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney Group.

How can I buy their tokens?

Cobinhood’s ICO closed on October 22nd. More than 17,000 people participated in the ICO, and the team received more than 45k ETH in funding. If you’d like to secure some COB tokens, follow exchanges like EtherDelta and Liqui.

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