Airswap: P2P Decentralized Exhange

UPDATE: ICO concluded on October 11th. The AST token should hit exchanges around October 17-18th.

What is Airswap?

AirSwap is a peer-to-peer protocol for exchanging crypto currencies and tokens. As such they represent another decentralized exchange doing an ICO, joining the likes of Kyber Network and 0x. Both Kyber and 0x have had high return-on-investment after hitting exchanges.

Who’s behind Airswap?

The team has gained a lot of attention due to their strong track record within finance and tech. They also have a highly notable set of advisors backing them.

Co-founder Michael Oved has received a lot of exposure. This Bloomberg feature on Airswap is a good example. Oved’s experience from Virtu Financial has given the team a lot of credibility from people in finance. Both him and co-founder Don Mosites, who has strong experience from Google and Zynga, are Carnegie Mellon University graduates.

Among the more notable advisors, we find Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Bitcoin foundation, and Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum. Interestingly, Lubin is not listed among the advisors on Airswap’s own website, but this Forbes article claims he’s on board.

Which competitors exist in the space for decentralized exchanges?

Some notable startups in the space of decentralized exchanges and peer-to-peer transactions are:

  1. 0x
  2. Kyber Network
  3. EtherDelta

0x had their ICO in August 2017, while Kyber Network completed theirs in September 2017. EtherDelta has become one of the places where ICO tokens debut first after hitting exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges is becoming an increasingly crowded space, but it’s not at all clear that this is a “winner takes all” market. Nor will these players necessarily compete head-on. It’s certainly worth following these other startups as well.

More broadly, we can look at exchanges in general – decentralized or otherwise. Kyber Network have compared themselves with other exchanges here. Worth noting that “” refers to Airswap in this table:

Overview of exchanges, including Airswap, by Kyber Network

Overview of exchanges, including Airswap, by Kyber Network

We have taken this table from Kyber Network’s whitepaper.

How can I purchase Airswap tokens?

Their ICO concluded on October 11th. The AST token should hit exchanges around October 17-18th.

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