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What is ICO Whitelists?

ICO Whitelists was born out of frustration over all the great initial coin offerings (ICO) and initial exchange offerings (IEO) that are announced around the web.. After the token sale has already ended!

Hence we set an ambitious vision: To be the #1 source for quality ICO and IEO reviews and to ensure you’re aware of them before the token sale ends!

In brief, we want to let you know whenever there’s an upcoming ICO or IEO with great potential, because missing out on it could mean missing out on some huge returns on investment.

Unlike many other ICO sites, we do not aim to list every single ICO or IEO that’s out there. We keep track on a database of over 5000+ ICOs and IEOs but we’ll only cover the ones that have great upside potential, because your time is valuable. Meaning the ICO and IEOs you read here could potentially be the best bang for your buck in terms of your time spent in researching for which crypto project to invest your money in.

What Exactly is an ‘ICO’? And What’s an ‘IEO’?

‘ICO’ means initial coin offering, which refers to the process of offering a cryptocurrency coin or token of an underlying crypto project at a price fixated by the crypto project. This is usually done as a fundraising mechanism for crypto projects to raise more capital.

For example, Crypto Project A may choose to issue a 30 million supply of its native token, ‘Project A’ Tokens, at a fixed price of 0.01 USD per token in its upcoming ICO. If all goes smoothly and the entire allocation is sold to investors, Crypto Project A would then have raised $300,000 (30m * 0.01 USD/token) in capital to accelerate their development and goals.

The average return on all the ICOs we featured in 2017 averaged 5.7x.

‘IEO’ means initial exchange offering, and while it’s mostly similar to an ICO, the key difference between an IEO and an ICO is that an IEO’s token sale is handled and vetted by an exchange such as Binance.

IEOs have become an extremely popular investment choice for crypto investors because an authoritative exchange such as Binance would not choose to list any low quality projects on its platform due to the damage it can incur to its brand.

This is essentially the same as having Binance telling you, “OK – we’ve looked at hundreds of potential projects. Here are a few we think really shines, and we’re willing to bet our name on it.”

For the first half of 2019, every IEO on Binance has yielded returns of 2-10x for those who invested in their initial exchange offerings.

Where Should I Start if I Am New to ICOs & IEOs?

If you’re new to ICO investing, you can read this interview with Ian Balina to learn how an ICO investor thinks and operates.

For our posts on specific ICOs, you can visit this section.

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