5 ICOs to Watch in March

We’re already half-way through February, so here are 5 ICOs you shouldn’t miss in March.

1. Sapien

Sapien ICO

ICO: March 3rd
Pre-sale: Jan 31st (ends Feb 15th)
Hard cap: $30m USD

Social news platform Sapien rewards users with SPN tokens when producing high-quality content.

Its core values include democracy, privacy, free speech and customizability – which in turn relies heavily on reputation.

Users will be enabled to switch between public and private browsing modes,

They will also be able to add friends, make groups, subscribe to branches, share posts and write comments – much like other social media platforms. Except Sapien exists on a decentralised platform.

2. Friendz

Friendz ICO

ICO: March 1st
Hard cap: 750,000,000 FDZ

The new digital marketing platform on the blockchain, Friendz, connects brands with their target audience through word of mouth on social media.

Starting up in 2016, Friendz offers a variety of digital advertising services, including brand awareness, product placement campaigns, sharing content activities and market research.

It is made up of 35 people across three offices in Switzerland, Italy and Spain, and currently has 200,000 users.

3. Dock.io

Dock ICO

The whitelist is now closed, but you might have already signed up if you caught our post last week.
Hard cap: $20M USD

Data exchange protocol dock.io aims to find a solution to ‘data hoarding’ in a professional environment.

It lets people connect their online profiles, experiences, reviews and reputations on one secure platform.

Encouraging data exchanges between platforms, dock.io believes sharing information is beneficial for all parties.

4. Havven

Havven ICO

ICO: Feb 28th
Hard cap: $30m USD

Havven prides itself on being a decentralised payment network and stablecoin, launched as a response to the fact that there is ‘currently no effective decentralised medium of exchange’.

The peer-to-peer payment network believes that cryptocurrency is ‘the future of money’, but that the rapidly changing currencies prevents people from using it in day-to-day life.

They want to do something about that.

That’s why they are launching their two coins, Havven – which provides a static supply, and Nomin, providing a floating supply.

5. traceto.io

traceto.io ICO

Private sale: Feb 9th
Hard cap: $30m USD

Decentralized Know Your Customer (KYC) network, traceto.io, is developing a KYC solution for cryptocurrency and decentralized platforms.

It aims to tackle the KYC issues surrounding ‘a false assumption that anonymity overrides the need to comply with AML and CTF regulations’, ‘a low priority allocated to compliance’ and ‘a lack of budget and experienced compliance personnel to build watertight KYC processes’.

The network they’re aiming to build will ‘satisfy real-world regulations’, ‘provide an ongoing due dilligence process’ and ‘fuse smart contracts with A.I.’.

With a longstanding experience in both RegTech and compliance, traceto.io is powered by RegTech company Cynopsis Solutions Pte. Ltd. – who already has a network of over 450 clients.

CEO of Kyber Network, Loi Luu, is an advisor.

Which ICOs are you excited about going forward?

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  1. coin says:

    All paid shills, good for you

  2. sehgal says:

    sapien cheating in their bounty program so many complaints in bitcoin forum…be care guys its suspected project

    • Emintee says:

      Thanks mate

    • GlenEagle says:

      sehgal– when you say Sapien is cheating in its bounty program, can you be more specific. Most of the comments I have seen are complaints from people who did not get in early– their fault, not Sapien’s. Or are you talking about something else? I would like to know please.

  3. Crash says:

    How does an investment in havven increase if the coin stays stable?

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