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The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Margin Trading

When done right, crypto margin trading can single-handedly be the best choice you make in your crypto investing career.Most people are aware of the concept of leveraging – whether it’s leveraging money, people or time.Some people leverage unknowingly, like in real estate when you take a mortgage to buy a house.Few people know how to utilize leverage properly, and that’s especially true in crypto margin trading.If you frequently surf Reddit, you’ll notice the “I lost everything” posts like these circulating once in awhile.Here’s a brief excerpt of what one of these posts said: The last paragraph was what prompted me to write this post.“If you don’t know what you’re doing, do not mess around with margin trading and leverage.”There’s simply far too many crypto investors who leverage but doesn’t utilize leverage properly.Hence, we’ve set out to write an Ultimate Guide on Crypto Margin Trading.…

EthFinex IEO Ampleforth: The IEO That Raised $5 Million in 11 Seconds

Some of you may have already heard of Ampleforth (AMPL Token)’s IEO sale that was launched on EthFinex’s IEO platform Tokinex.The IEO was a huge success, selling out in just 11 seconds and raising $5 million USD in the process!As the IEO sold out so quickly, many crypto investors missed the opportunity to participate in the Ampleforth (AMPL) IEO.If you had missed out, don’t worry – Ampleforth and EthFinex have launched a last chance, round 2 IEO sale for an additional 100K AMPL tokens.What is Ampleforth (AMPL Token)?…

New Binance IEO: Elrond

Binance has just announced its 6th initial exchange offering (IEO) on its Launchpad platform: Elrond.As one of the most well regarded exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry, initial exchange offering (IEO) investors and BNB holders have enjoyed tremendous success on its platform throughout 2019.Every IEO that has launched in Binance since the start of 2019 has magnified investor returns, with a 100% upwards price appreciation thus far.…

What are Initial Exchange Offerings (and Why They Are So Successful)

  • June 17, 2019
  • ICO, IEO
If 2017 was the year of initial coin offerings (ICO), 2019’s ought to be the year of initial exchange offerings (IEO).Most cryptocurrency projects who fundraised by means of an IEO have seen their token prices soar, with investors seeing anywhere between 2-10x returns for most IEO’s that have launched on popular exchanges.For example, BitTorrent (BTT) launched on Binance with an issuing price of 0.00012 USD per token.…

Warsnop Trading Partnership

  • September 10, 2018
  • ICO
Cryptocurrency can be a cruel mistress and knowing when to get in and out of the market can be the difference between getting rekt or rich.…

Post ICO Gems – Open Platform

If identified correctly, great value can be found on exchanges after an ICO, particularly during this bear market. In this series we pick projects providing great value for potential buyers Post-ICO.…

Perlin Update: A Falling Star?

  • July 10, 2018
  • ICO
In our last review we graded Perlin as a Rising Star, certainly one to watch. New information leads us to a more cautious evaluation of the ICO. …